First Baptist Paducah

First for Every One

FIRST for Grace
We recognize that the gospel is the power of God, and we live with the good news of Christ as the core of our identity. As we inhale grace from God, we exhale grace toward people, allowing us as a family the freedom to laugh loud, hard, and often.
FIRST for Worship
We lift up Christ through a diversity of expressions, connecting every generation to Jesus. We’re done pretending and performing, for yesterday we were dead, but in Christ we are already approved.
FIRST for Life
Because heaven and hell are real, the church doesn’t exist for us – but we exist for the world. So we love children, students, adults, and families through multiethnic missional aggression across the globe.
FIRST for Paducah
We are in the city, for the city – and we live with courageous vulnerability as faith-filled, all-in risk-takers for the glory of Christ!